New home page?

Greetings XIMMY members!

We would like to update you with more changes at

New home page:
Check out our new homepage (! It is setup just like a normal search page. Please bookmark and use our search engine from now on. It’s fully integrated to Google and Yahoo so you’ll still get the best search results. The main advantage is that you’ll see reviews by all search results submitted by our users. See what others are saying before you visit the links!

Submit your reviews:
Currently, we’re offering 10 points for every search reviews you post on Ximmy. By June 1, 2008, the review points will be drop back to 4 points, so please start submitting reviews today.

New, Videos, Pictures:
If you have great content to share, please submit them to us. You’ll earn a point for each submission and 15 once the submissions make it to our homepage.

Invite friends:
We’re still offering 15 points for users that you invite to Ximmy that signs up. Please invite your friends today.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you so much for being a Ximmy member!

The Ximmy Team,


Points change for reviews and comments

We are increasing the reward points for every “search and review” from 4 points to 10 points for the time being. All reviews submitted are queued and they are manually approved. Because this is the main part of the site we like to promote, we’ve decided to no longer offer points for “comments” in our News, Video, and Picture categories. We understand this will affect some of our users; however, we encourage everyone to start submitting reviews instead. Here is an outline of the current point structure. It might change later in the future and we’ll keep you posted.

Submission: 1 point
Popular: 15 points
Write a review: 10 points
Invite friend: 15 points

The payout structure remains the same. We feel these changes will improve the quality of the site as a whole. Thank you so much for being part of the Ximmy community.

Post reviews through search!

Hi everyone!

We would like to inform you about one major change on

We changed how the “Website” category works. You no longer need to submit a website for other users to review. That’s a thing of the past. We’ve now integrated the Google search engine into the website category. All you have to do is just search for the sites or links that you visit and you can write a review on it. After you perform a search, you’ll see a “Submit Review” link to the right of the search results. Just click that to begin your review. Since the search engine has billions of links, this means you can write a review on anything! Reviews and rating are done using the “5 Stars” system. 1 star being worst to 5 stars being the best.

Express yourself!

Search for anything and everything, and then tell us your story. Express yourself and submit a review based on your experience or inside knowledge. Share with the world your love or hate for a company or service. Support your favorite findings by giving them a 5 star rating and warn others about your dissatisfaction by giving them a 1 star rating. Next time someone performs the same search, they will see your reviews. Your review will play an important part of their decision to visit the website so please be honest in your reviews. Good or bad, make sure your review is based on your personal experience.

Please note that we’re looking for “reviews” and not random comments. Reviews means that you have had a personal experience with the link you are reviewing and you’re able to explain why you feel that way.

Each review in this category is worth 2 reward points. To get the ball rolling, we’re running a promotion and we will double the reward points for each review made until further notice. So, you will be earning 4 points per review! Each user can not post multiple reviews to the same URL. You’re welcome to edit your review post anytime and reply to other people’s reviews, however, this does not increase your reward points. We’re going to be fixing bugs and making minor improvements to it over the coming weeks. But for the most part, the core features and functionality is there. Please let us know if you have any questions. We will provide more updates soon. server move

Hi everyone,

We are moving off to the new web hosting provider. There will be some expected downtime (1-2 hours). Thank you for your patience and understanding!

New features and changes

There have been several changes and improvements done on Here are a few things you will notice.

1) Email Notification-
Under your profile tab, there is now an “Email Notification” link. From there, you can choose to allow only certain emails to be sent to you such as when someone comments on your submission or when your submission is published as a popular listing. Feel free to follow the link and customize your email notification settings.

2) Redeem My Rewards-
Under your profile tab, there is also a “Redeem My Rewards” link. Once you meet the reward points requirement, you can request your payment through this link.

3) Import Contacts from your email address(es)-
From the invite link, you can login to your email accounts (yahoo, gmail, hotmail, MSN, AOL, etc.) and invite all your friends to ximmy. You will earn 15 points for every user that registers with

4) Private Messaging System-
With this new feature, you will be able to send private messages to friends. This is done by clicking “View my friends” from the “INBOX” link on the right hand navigation.

5) Comments, Submissions and Voting-
We have implemented a 30 submissions, 100 comments, and 100 vote limit that a user is able to post per day. These limits are extremely high that most users will not reach. Our goal is to not allow a user submitting thousands of unimportant links just to boost up their points (although it has not happen yet). We will change this number in the future depending on the growth of the community.

6) Google Ads-
We’ve started placing a few Google adsense ads on the site. The ideas is to help generate some revenue to pay our users
for all their contributions. So, please visit our sponsors every now and then. 🙂

We’ve tested everything above in our development section but as always, there will be some bugs that will need to be fixed. Stay tune for more features. Thanks everyone for being part of our community!

Thank you for the feedback!

Hi everyone! 🙂

Thanks for all the great feedback! We’ve managed to work out a few bugs (thanks to those who reported them). There has also been several suggestions about how to enhance our community and we will make sure to get to them as soon as possible.

We’d also like to thank everyone for submitting stories and posting comments. Not only does it help keep everyone updated on the latest findings, but it is also a great way to increase your reward points. But please remember to “vote” for your favorite submissions. This will help increase the numbers of stories that make it to the home page and will also reward users who submitted interesting findings with 15 extra points. It’s a great way to help each other get to the top!

In terms of recent updates, we’ve added an “invite” feature where you can earn an extra 15 reward points by sharing ximmy with your friends.

We’re off to a good start because of all of your contributions. Thanks for your continued support!

The XIMMY Team

Grand Opening

Hi everyone!

Welcome to XIMMY! As you may or may not know, XIMMY is about giving users another outlet to discover, share and discuss about your favorite Internet findings and we allow you to make extra money at the same time. We understand that the success of any social networking site depends on the community involved and we therefore look forward to building a friendly, cohesive environment where everyone can respect and appreciate each other’s input.

While there are more developments about to take place, we feel comfortable with our beta launch to the public. As with any new site, there are still bugs that need to be fixed. Please feel free to contact us with any bugs, feedback, or suggestions that you think will help make XIMMY a better place. All emails will be replied to within 24 hours. Thank you so much for visiting and we hope that you will become a member of our community today.

The XIMMY Team